Banana Curry & Moringa Tempura- Poison Ivy Bistro at Bollywood Veggies


I was really excited and nervous today as I got a random last minute draw-a-thon for a photo shoot by my wedding stylist Melissa from Wonderland yesterday! By the way, they have the most gorgeous table settings and flowers in Singapore! She was looking for a sketch artist and none of my students could make it because they have lessons so I agreed to help her. I did some quick practices the night before as I’ve not touched water colours since secondary school.

Bright and early, I arrived at Bollywood Veggies where the shoot was held. I was tasked 2 drawings to complete. One was to draw on a whimsical and fun table setting on a mahjong paper and another for a stylish and fashionable setting. I absolutely loved the colourful table set up and it was so inspiring as I doodled little squirrels, rabbit, birds and an adorable fox and coloured them with water colour.



For the fashion set up, Melissa was hoping to have some vogue fashion prints so I tried to render some vintage Vogue poster look alikes.



We had a break in between and for lunch, I ate at Poison Ivy Bistro and had some really interesting food.



First to arrive was Moringa Tempura $4.


WOW! I have never eaten a plant tempura before and it was super yummy. I can’t even describe how good it was. The batter was crispy and went so well with the dark soya sauce provided. It tasted light and strangely I did not detect any raw grassy texture. I finished it up so fast. I cannot wait to bring Hubby Ro there to try this dish. The gardener also showed me how the plant looks like. I also found out that Moringa has so many amazing health benefits!


Moringa oleifera is a little-known, and highly undervalued, “superfood” treasure with incredible potential to greatly improve health and eliminate hunger around the world. This whole food plant contains high amounts of protein, all eight essential amino acids, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, and a plethora of phytonutrients and other powerful disease-fighting antioxidants.

What is particularly unique about Moringa is the fact that every part of the plant, including its bark, leaves, flowers, and roots serves a unique purpose in promoting human health. Its seeds, for instance, contain up to 40 percent of a non-drying, edible oil known as “Ben Oil” that is rich in antioxidants and similar in its nutritional profile to olive oil.

Perhaps the most utilized component of Moringa is its leaves, which can be dried and ground up into a nutrient-dense, tart-flavored powder. According to another report in the Manila Bulletin, Moringa powder contains seven times the amount of vitamin C typically found in oranges, four times the amount of vitamin A in carrots, 36 times the amount of magnesium in eggs, 25 times the amount of iron in spinach, 50 times the amount of vitamin B3 in peanuts, and 50 times the vitamin B2 in bananas.


Next to arrive was the Papaya Salad $4. This was the most disappointing dish as it was quite tasteless. I was expecting something more sour and tangy. Although it was fresh and crunchy, I felt that the papaya did not have much seasoning to it but the edible flowers were a lovely touch.


Initially I ordered the first two items and realized it was too light for lunch so I ordered a banana curry with brown rice $8.50. I was expecting a mushy and starchy curry. Instead the bananas tasted like potatoes and was not as creamy as I thought. It tasted a little sour actually and after a few mouthfuls the taste was so similar and had no kick as it was neither spicy or filled with more vegetable ingredients found in most curries. I heard from the staff that they use raw bananas in this dish.

The bistro only accepts cash and they do not charge GST or service charge.

100 Neo Tiew Road

They are open Wed- Sun and Public Holidays from 9am-6.30pm and closed Monday and Tuesday.

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